About Me

UX/UI designer with experience in workshop facilitation focusing on holding a safe space and breaking down information concisely for a variety of audiences while using empathy to put herself in other people shoes. The listening skills and ability to ask follow-up questions supports understanding the full scope of the problem.

Studied UX Design for 10 months and practising it since on a day-to-day basis. My passion for the users shows through conducting interviews and usability test where I focus on their struggles, needs and expectations. During my free time, I like to improve my skills by volunteering for various projects and reaching for UX literature.

In addition, I have many years of experience working in various places but always in contact with people. My skills involve stakeholder management, delivering the best customer service and using my analytic mind to make informed decisions at every step of the way.

Tools: Figma, Marvelapp, Balsamiq, Material Design, Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe XD, Canva, Microsoft Office, Miro, Wix, Squarespace, Dropbox, Google Drive

Methods: Competitive Analysis, User Research, Card Sorting, Quantitative Research, Moderate Remote User Testing, A/B testing, 5 Second Test, User Interview, Business Requirement Document, Workshop Facilitation, Data Analysis, Personas, Wireframing, Prototyping, Animations, User Flows, User Stories, Rapid Prototyping

Professional History

Past Positions


- March 2022

UI Designer – Sweet at CareerFoundry

  • Real estate investment is an exciting and emotional experience, but complicated. This web app project provides the expertise needed to get started. CareerFoundry, Course project.


  • Responsibilities: Create accessible and responsive design concepts via emotional design framework and best accessibility practices. Create mood boards and design system language.


  • Achievements: created animated prototype in Figma, logo and icons.


  • Technologies: : industry standard design tools Figma, Canva

February 2022 - present

UX/UI Designer – WSC Aberdeen Water Sports Club

  • WSC promotes water sports to people in a fun, safe, affordable & accessible way.

  • Responsibilities: Collaborated closely with the stakeholder to improve accessibility and readability of the website based on qualitative, quantitative data and best USD methods. Understand the user journey, user needs/requirements into a better executed product. Responsible for the scope of the research and analysis of findings to create a better experience for the user and minimalize points of friction. Bring customer stories to life for the stakeholders through excellent collaboration and communication skills.

  • Achievements: Created simple, informational infographics based on user’s needs.

  • Technologies: Figma, FigJam, Canva, UsabilityHub and Miro.

June 2016

- June 2019

Workshop Facilitator |
Strange Town
Internship, Edinburgh

  • Strange Town’s aim is to help young people to recognise and develop these abilities through peer and professional encouragement, participation and example through theatre and acting.

  • Responsibilities: Reporting to the Senior stakeholders, consistently deliver and present a high standard of work, collaborate with colleagues and end users. Designed, planned and executed the workshops. Created a safe environment for the participants to make mistakes. Used qualitative data, focused groups and user interviews to improve skills and methods.

  • Achievements: Empowered the group for further development and supported their growth to achieve better collaboration with the stakeholders.

  • Technologies: Microsoft Office, Applied Theatre