ABB Challenge

Webinar Presentation | International Women's Day regarding style and capsule wardrobe

Last minute presentation for the webinar on a subject of personal image.


Paula is not only a business owner but also a mother of two, so in her busy schedule she needed my help to make sure she would hit the deadline with a little extra time for preparation.

Why I wanted to accept this project:
I wanted to work with Paula as I am inspired by her mindful branding where not only the image is important, but the environment and everyday comfort (especially if we rush to pick up our kids after a whole day of work at the office). It was a pleasure to work on the project that aims to bring women together and support each other, as well as focusing on mental health that surrounds the subject of fashion.


The users need a way to feel comfortable but still look professional when going back to the office. 

We will know this to be true when we will see the user mindfully managing their wardrobe thanks to the built presentation, creating their unique style.


Women who want to learn about capsule wardrobe, how to discover their unique style and connect comfort and image.


Creating minimalistic in styles slides, that are easy to follow, with simple images to support its content.

This helped Paula to enhance the flow of the presentation, which supported the thought behind the objective of the webinar: how to go back to the office and still feel and look good. 

In addition to that, users had access to the full presentation and mood boards to support their journey.

First Presentation


  • Black on white is a harsh combination for the eyes

  • There is no value in the tracker at the bottom. The titles can be easily placed at the top of the slide and since Paula is the one operating the presentation, users don't need to see it

  • There was no hierarchy nor spacing in this presentation

  • Pictures were of poor quality

  • No consistent style 

  • No connection with Paula's businesses style 

  • Long wordy sentences 

  • Blocks of text

Iterated Presentation


  • Easy on the eyes colours

  • Pictures in better resolution, styled in the same way 

  • Fixed spacing, alignment and hierarchy

  • Connection with Paula's branding

  • Simplified text

  • Blocks of text removed


What users said:

"Very valuable webinar! Thank you so much!"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this presentation, Your style is very close to me."


What went well

  • Great communication between both parties

  • Clear objective, which helped us move in a good pace

  • It was a pleasure to work with someone who is passionate about their work but is open-minded for changes

  • Working together has been very organic and fun

Room for improvement

  • There were technical issues with the presentation, and it's layout 

  • Time constraints

  • Because it has been a last minute project, we both have been sleep-deprived which resulted in catching a flu

  • It took me a very long time to find appropriate video that teaches creating SVG and PNG images in Photoshop

How will I improve

  • The more presentation and projects I will create, the less time it will take me to create a portion of slides in a short space of time

  • I need to make sure that I keep hygiene of working at the computer: doing regular breaks, drinking plenty of water, avoid skipping meals, keep my eyes moisturised

  • The more extra projects I will do, the more information I will learn and practice for upcoming products