Finance Tool

PlutoPay is a web responsive app that will help its users have better control over their finances. Users will reach for the app to quickly and safely transfer money to others. Organise their spendings and set up customisable saving goals.


Users need a way to quickly manage their money, especially stressful situations, in a hassle and confusion-free way.

We will know that PlutoPay is working when we see that users can control their app daily without the need for help from customer support.

Development in a chronological order 

This project involved:

  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Research

  • User Personas

  • Story Board, User Journey, User Flow

  • Site Maps

  • Card Sort

  • Wire Frames 

  • Prototyping 

  • User Testing

  • Iterations where necessary 

  • Set up a goal to save up for a new car

  • Analyse how much they are realistically capable of saving per month

  • Choose a card from which the contribution will be deducted from

Needs to accomplish

  • Calm

  • Stress-free

  • Less overwhelmed

  • Positive about the outcome they will achieve

Needs to feel


Amari’s car has broken down since they are caring after their father they need to buy a new car in order to help out their family member.

Extra considerations

  • They are working only part-time, therefore the process of saving up for the car will not be short

  • Setting up a budget to help them control their money while saving up for the car

Further Problems and Iterations

Dashboard View

Pay & Transfer has been changed to indicate this as a place for transactions to be made.

“I don't know what "payments" are” (pointing at the tab called payments)

Mid fidelity.png

Registration View

Changing the title for this page improved usability. Now the user knows exactly why they need to give all the details.

Creating placeholders supports accessible and inclusive design for anyone with learning difficulties, users whose English is not their first language, or anyone that skims through and fills in info as quickly as possible. We have kept the labels for additional guidance.

Day and month have been aligned correctly and by creating a dropdown menu there is no confusion whether how many days are in a month.

image 20.png



Feature that will allow our users to create customisable Savings Goal that will fit the needs of our user's financial constraints.

Group 21559.png


When showing PlutoPay to users and when testing the final design, I have been asked whether the app is a real-life project and if it will be available in app stores. Thanks to this feedback, I can assume that this project has been successfully executed.

The app achieved its goal. We measured it in users feedback. Users were keen to see the app grow and be eventually downloadable. We also know that the app is intuitive and easy to navigate and the features are helpful in managing finances.


What went well

  • The design is as good as it can be at the moment without me having any UI prior knowledge.

  • I have managed to gather a lot of data from a lot of users.

  • I have improved my thinking and design skills thanks to multiple iterations.

  • This is my first UX project, and thanks to it, I have discovered what I care about, and that I am doing something I truly enjoy.

Room for improvement

  • I think the design could be a lot better.

  • I should keep on working on my style as I think it is inconsistent.

  • My prototype could have better animations.

  • This project took a lot of time, since I didn’t have enough time when working full-time as a teacher.

  • Due to lack of experience, I haven’t fully grasped every design method as well as I would like to.


How will I improve

  • By creating more projects.

  • By setting up meetings with experienced designers.

  • By reading more articles, books, and listening to different podcasts.

  • By doing extra courses to master my skills in Figma (I have already purchased a course on Udemy)

  • By never stopping and keep on having an open mind for opportunities, feedback, and possibilities.

Frame 1.png

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